How to Become a Pro Florist?

Florist is a person who arranges flowers and plants them in a way that it can seem like a small garden. These are the people who are hired for getting the services of flower d├ęcor and they deliver their services in birthdays, wedding and even on funerals. Florists mostly have small and independent shops and they can also tell you how to take care of a plant and how to raise it. And if you a plant which is dear to you and you think that it is dying, you can take it to any florists and he/she will guide you how to take care of it or even more he/she will take care of it.

People think becoming a florist is easy, one can just put of bunch of flowers and start selling them well, whoever is thinking, you are totally wrong. You must be knowing that there are dangerous and poisonous IVs in some flowers and only florists are the people that know about it. They recognize such plant by just looking at them and it is because they have to go through many trainings. Pro florists also have to get a degree or diploma in botany, biology, art and design. You must be wondering why would a florist need an art and design degree that is because they must know how to be creative at events.

Some even have to take classes of business and economy to study about maintaining records, accounts and ledgers. Because flowers can be expensive and only that business is successful which has a good accountant. Training is a long run for the florists, they have to look for inspiration and volunteer at different flower shops to understand the working of the plants in order to each and everything about becoming a florist. The florist can also cultivate their flowers in their own way and by changing the ways of cultivation, some flowers actually change colors in a unique way.

The florists have to pass different floriculture exams which are done under the American Institute of Floral Designer (AIFD). These florists can then even supply their own kind of flowers in the market. The most expensive flowers can be found in UAE because they use technology to grow them and most florists are making business by sending them as corporate gifts in Dubai. Click here to learn more about being a florist.