Information about the different types of gymnastics

To put it in simple words, gymnastics is a term which is used to describe the range of physical activities. The modern gymnastic is based on work of Freirich Jahn who developed the apparatus ,\parallel bars, pommel horse, rings, horizontal bars and the purpose was to develop the training and strength . There are main three groups of gymnastic and every group has many types of gymnastic. But the goal of every gymnastic is human health. Basically gymnastic aim is to develop the physical qualities. You can find all these types in UAE gymnastic gyms, so make sure that you inquire when you visit one.

There are three main types of gymnastics.

  1. Official gymnastics
  2. Improving gymnastics
  3. Applied gymnastics

Official gymnastics:

In official gymnastic type here are 5 types of gymnastic. These include:

Artistic gymnastic for men

Men’s gymnastics are popular all over the world which is started in the first Olympic Games. Males have to compete in teams and it has different activities.

  • Pommel horse
  • Vaults
  • Parallel bars
  • High bars
  • Rings
  • And floor exercises

Artistic gymnastic for women

These women gymnastic is the best known gymnastic with large number of participants in it. Women have to compete individually or in teams in four different categories.

  •  Floor exercise.
  • Uneven parallel bars
  • And vault.

Well women gymnastic is considered a perfect combination of strength, elegance and flexibility.

Rhythmic gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is included in Olympics games from 1984 and just females can participate in it. They have to compete individually or in teams with 5 different apparatus.

  • Hoop
  • Rope
  • Club
  • Balls
  • And ribbons

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Well it is the important part of the United States and international youth Olympics program. In this gymnastic, the teams consist of 2 or 4 people. Teams would be in same gender or both genders can participate.

Players perform a show with many external instruments. They jump from the high and hold and balance each other. And other team members throw and catch them with teammates.

Trampoline gymnastics

This gymnastic is a new kind of gymnastic and it is began in 2000 in Olympic Games.

In this gymnastic the member uses a double mini trampoline to perform the tricks.

Both women and men can perform in this gymnastic.

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