Things to add in your classroom

We are living in 21st century now. And 21st century is different from 20th century. Today, you do not need any typist to type your article. Today, you can travel within minutes from city to city. You don’t need to make plan month before to visit any nearby hill station or city.

If everything is changing, then why are not our classrooms changing?  Our classrooms need change. And you can change them by adding few things.

Do you want to know those things?  If yes, then scroll down and read more!

  1. Personalization: The technology has created a lot of difference among children. Each child is now aware of his like and dislikes. Hence, it is now getting difficult to teach all of them together. They all need to be handled differently and separately in certain ways. Yet, give them lecture together but at the time of work, give time to each of them separately.
  2. Discussion: Make the lecture and class discussion based. Try to involve kids and students to take part and share their opinions or what they know about the topic. In this way the whole class will get connected and lectures and topics will become fun.
  3. Teamwork: Don’t teach them by using board and markers. Teach them by doing things in practical life. Teach them mathematical operations by playing cricket with them. The counting of runs and the division of balls into overs will teach them a lot. Besides this,  they will learn teamwork without any difficult which employees face for whom there are programs like team activities and tents for rent in Dubai and so on to teach them the techniques of working with other employees. Similarly, you can teach them English literature by organizing theatre plays and script writing contests for them.
  4. Practical science: Teach them science but don’t keep it in class only. Try your best to make them to explore the world. Give them projects to make different things. Make small machines with them to teach them that how they can apply sciences in practical life.
  5. Social issues: Try to have a class in which you will discuss issues or problems of society and work on them. Discuss it and try to take out solutions if them. You can discuss the topics of mental health, harassment and many others to make children educated morally, socially and on the level of mind too.

So,  these are few things which you can add in your classroom to make classes full of fun.

Remember, classroom is a platform for children to learn and practice how to live in world happily and successfully. So, try to fulfill this objective and make them able to be the controller of the pace of this world.