Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Nanny

Any job is difficult in its own way. I have seen people who have a job of directing the phone calls to boss and they feel they have a very tough job. There is a very low percentage of people who love their jobs. And then there are nannies, imagine hearing the crying all day and you have just cleaned up the place and you just go for a leak and the mess is back again. Imagine the horror and the pain of doing it all over again. And you were saying that you have a bad job, think again and considered yourself among the blessed ones. 

There are people who willing take this pain, meaning to say that they actually LOVE kids! And they want to be there for children whose parents don’t give enough time. These superheroes are called ‘nannies’. But there are things that you should know before pursuing this as a career. First and obviously, you need to be a very calm and patient person. In addition to that you need to be a person who has a lot of energy because you need put a toy back again and again. There may be things that you have to manage and you will think that you didn’t sign up for this. 

Kids take babysitters for granted and they think they don’t know anything about the rules of their house. But what they don’t know is that parents give a full checklist of what to and what not to do in their home. Kids can be nerve breakers, they can test your limits a lot. Most kids hate nannies and they order them around, telling them to make them a sandwich which later on they don’t eat or simply just dropping their toys and ordering them to pick it up. So, this note is for parents who are reading this, you need to teach your children that nannies are not their servant but they are doing you a favor.

And if you are thinking to become a nanny and move to a country where nannies are considered second to life savers; in the UAE. According to recruiting agencies, the demand of nannies has increased up to 45% as compared to some years back. You can search some Dubai nurse centers who provide training for being a professional nanny. Also, you can get different certifications from baby sensory in Dubai.